Friday, April 1, 2011

Strawberry and Marionberry Jam Sign-up

Note from Lindon Cannery:

We just barely finished our canned beef shifts and it is already time to start thinking ahead to our next family canning opportunity! We know this is a little ahead of schedule, but we still have to finalize our fruit order—so we need you to look ahead and sign up quickly if you want to participate.

The online sign-ups for Strawberry and Marion Blackberry Jam will open on Saturday, April 2nd at 6:00 a.m. We will be processing on May 10th-13th. Each flavor of jam comes in a case of 12 pint jars. Strawberry Jam will cost $18.60/case and Marion Blackberry Jam will cost $25.20/case. There is a combined limit of 6 cases. (Example: 4 cases strawberry + 2 cases marionberry = the 6 case limit.)

Everyone knows that strawberry jam is wonderful; but for those who have never tasted the Marionberry Jam, we lovingly call it the “celestial kingdom jam”--so don’t miss out! (smiling)

To help you plan ahead, we will tell you that jam has a “best by” date of 3 years but will store on the shelf for a long, long time. We also rotate the flavors every other year. So, next year—IF we have time to offer jam (depending on our welfare assignments for the Church)--we probably won’t be doing these two flavors.

The Cannery always wants to work at full capacity, so please offer any unwanted cases to someone who isn’t able to come and work a shift. Have them pay you for their cases and you pay the Cannery. (We do not accept payment from those who don’t actually come to work at our facility.) Also, until we see how quickly sign-ups will fill up, please do not schedule multiple people from the same household if you are not ordering more than the 6 case limit. This request allows more people to participate.

Please remember that the shifts last for 2.5 hours. This is so we can continue to work while the next shift is being oriented. We have had several people come to their shift and ask to leave early. You need to make sure you schedule your shift at a time that you can stay for the entire 2.5 hours. Also, please read all instructions for each signup page so you understand any differences in product availability. You are accountable for knowing and remembering what you are committing to do.

Even though the online signups are not yet open for scheduling, you can still look at the signups beforehand and read the instructions by selecting the link you want to schedule:

Tuesday - May 10th:

Wednesday - May 11th:

Thursday - May 12th:

Friday - May 13th:

If you are having problems signing up for Jam - please see next post. There are more instructions as to how to sign-up for canning.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cannery Update!

On Friday, February 4th @ 8:00 a.m. the next signups for family canning will open for registration. Beef Stew will be offered February 22nd – 25th (4 days) and the Canned Beef Chunks/Ground Beef will be offered as combined items on March 2nd-4th and 8th-9th (5 days). You will only need to sign up for one shift to be able to purchase both Beef Chunks and/or Ground Beef. Please pre-plan which days and times you want to schedule. We have very little time between the registration opening and the actual start date. We need signups to happen quickly.

You can go to the website right now to preview the details (prices, limits, etc. – subject to change) for each of these signups under the Coming Soon links (instructions included below). When the links become active on February 4th, there will be a signup link for each day being scheduled. You will need to register for each product that you want to purchase and pay close attention to which day and which shift you are scheduling for. (If you want both beef stew and beef chunks, you will need to go to a beef stew link to register for beef stew and then return to the list of links and select the link for the Canned Beef products and register for the meat. Initially, you will not be allowed to schedule the same person for more than one shift for the same product.)

Please note that when you schedule one shift you will be able to purchase a combined limit of 6 cases for the canned beef products (beef chunks and/or ground beef). It is very important for you to double check your information before you confirm your shift so you are sure what you have ordered. (Remember: the only way to change or verify your information once you are scheduled is to UNDO your shift and reschedule.)

Remember you can practice on the Help_me_do_this link. Call the Cannery @ 801.785.0998, if you are still having problems with scheduling. Please UNDO any shifts that you schedule so we can keep it open and working for all who want to practice.

Follow each step carefully:

1) In your web browser, enter

2) At the top of the MySignUp page, to the right of the logo, is a list of options. Click on the “Search for SignUp” option in the third line.

3) Enter the Cannery’s email address ( in the box found under the following prompt that reads:

Enter the email address of the person that created the MySignUp.

Copying and pasting the email address may not work. If you get a blank page after you click the submit button, re-enter the email address. From the list of signups for the Cannery, select the link that represents the day & product you want to schedule.

Message from the Lindon Home Storage Center (Dry Pack): a women’s grey, Rue 21, wool-like fabric jacket, was left at the Home Storage Center in December. If not claimed it will be donated to D.I. You may come to claim it or inquire by calling 801-785-0997 on Tues or Thurs from 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.